What is Homework Tracker?

      Homework Tracker aims to remove the wasted class minutes associated with scribbling homework assignments into costly diaries. The innovative design allows teachers to upload homework assignments weeks in advance, giving the option for attachments and relevant web links. Once a task is set, students and parents are notified instantly, ensuring the homework isn't forgotten about!

  • Simple dashboard interface
  • Student/parent email notifications
  • Red/Amber/Green (RAG) rating and feedback
  • Timetables viewed online
  • Intuitive homework setting interface
  • Powerful search functionality
  • Attach uploads and links easily to homework tasks
  • Website hosted by Homework Tracker, eliminating maintenance costs
  • Proven reliability with over 5000 daily users
  • Deployments for testing and POC available on request, contact us
  • Free custom website styling and domain (homework.yourschool.co.uk)
  • Pricing dependant on number of students, contact us
  • Seamless integration with all common MIS and authentication systems
Homework Tracker Integration

Homework Tracker Task View


  • Homework Tracker Student Dashboard View

    Intuitive Dashboard

    • Today's timetable
      Quickly find out your next lesson just by logging in!
    • Upcoming deadlines
      Never miss a deadline again. Customise to hide completed deadlines or keep them so you know when homework is due!
    • Monthly Overview
      Like some statistics? See how much homework you have done in the past month!
  • Homework Tracker Student Timetable View

    Online Timetable

    • Weekly timetable
      See your most up-to-date timetable, anytime, anywhere, just log into Homework Tracker!
    • Print your timetable
      No more costs for losing your paper timetable, simply print another!
  • Homework Tracker Student Calendar View

    Monthly Calendar

    • Monthly Overview
      Plan your time wisely by seeing when all your tasks are due!
    • Past Homework
      Simple click back through the months to see your previous homework assignments, even last years!
  • Homework Tracker Student Task View

    Homework View

    • No Diaries
      No more heavy diaries, all your homework is online
    • Feedback/RAG
      Provide valuable feedback and Red/Amber/Green ratings to your teacher to help enhance your learning experience
    • Help
      Need some help? Send your teacher a message
  • Homework Tracker Student Notifications View


    • Receive email notifications
      Always be aware of what you have been set
    • Parental notifications
      Parental emails can be imported from your MIS or added by students


  • Homework Tracker Staff Setting Task View

    Task Setting

    • Day/Class Matching
      Let Homework Tracker work out when you see your class next, and have the homework due for then!
    • Interim Mode
      Not seeing your class on deadline day? Use interim mode to make it due for any day
    • Setting Timeframes
      Set homework weeks in advance, or up to 3 days after the lesson
    • Year Groups
      Set homework for whole year groups to minimise on blanket emails
  • Homework Tracker Staff Task View

    Task Feedback

    • Feedback
      Instantly see feedback from all your students, right from where you set the homework!
  • Homework Tracker Dashboard View

    Staff Dashboard

    • Quick Set
      Click today's lesson and Homework Tracker will find the next available due date automatically
    • Today's Deadlines
      Not sure if homework is due for this lesson? Simply check on the dashboard
    • Quick Links
      Quickly navigate homework Tracker to get to the most important things quickly


Homework Tracker Admin View
  • Easily upload timetables
    Homework Tracker supports all types of .csv exports from your MIS system
  • Parental email imports
    Want to keep parents in the loop? Export emails from your MIS and get started
  • Timetable statistics
    Instant reporting of your timetable statistics
  • Subject Mapping
    Group similar subjects together for improved clarity and reporting
  • Week Mapping
    Simply enter your holidays and Homework Tracker will work out your week rotation


Interested in Homework Tracker? Contact us for further details by email at support@homeworktracker.co.uk or use the contact form below.

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